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77 degrees

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yep.It's 77 degrees in April here in the SC and I am not looking forward to the hot ass summer ahead. Mainly because I have had the a/c in my 1994 Toyota Corolla fixed twice and it's still half ass working. I'm about to go and but me one of those $12,000 Scions at Dave Edwards Toyota. I know the a/c works in those.

Today i'm wearing Nivea Body Creme and Unforgiveable by Sean Combs. His cologne actually has a very sweet powdery underscent fit for a woman. I love it. My aunt who works at Belk gave me some samples and I'm going to get a bottle. For Real!

I tried the McDonald's New Asian Salad today. I actually wanted it because it comes with a yoga DVD but our Mickey D's won't have the DVD til the 25th. I'll be back on the 25th:). The salad is actually very good with crisp romaine and radicchio lettuce, snow peas and edamame, orange glazed chicken that's warmed and spicy( maybe a lil' too spicy) ginger dressing. I would suggest not so many edamame and tone down the dressing and it's cool. I really liked it though. I'm big on salad.

I placed a Sephora order last night.I needed it. My boys have had a stomach virus since last saturday so I needed a retail pick me up! I got Carol's Daughter Esctacy Eau de toilette and Smashbox Lip Exfoilant. I really miss the Sephora store in SouthPark. They knew me by name:)

Well, I off to CVS and work.



Miss Kim on 2:57 PM said...

Hey!!! I love your blog. You're a great writer and are just as beauty obsessed as I am, lol!
Check out my blog when you get a chance. Let me know how that Smashbox Lip Exfoliant works out. It's on my list.


Brantoinette on 8:43 PM said...

I got ya beat, girlie! This past saturday, it was over 90 degrees in good ol Austin, TX. And my son played a 3-game t-ball tournament! Lawd have mercy!