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All work no play

Saturday, June 24, 2006


At work.

As usual.:)

I got of the house just in time to run a quick errand to Wal-Hell to pick up the lastest gossip rag of Life & Style and UsWeekly, a Starbucks Doubleshot(which I love the commercial, because they are stepping...),and some pistachios. Life&Style gives me a quick celebrity fashion fix that I need on the weekend. They featured tunics this week and I thought they were out of style. But I'm glad I still wear mine!.

Beyonce has been in New Orleans making her new video for "DeJaVu"I know it will be on fire! I love to look at her looks on

I think I'm going out tonight. Yes, my friend Shea and her family are throwing a 50th anniversary party for her grandparents. It will fun because her family is a lot fun. Wish me luck on finding something to wear because I always struggle in the semi-formal wear department.Maybe because I hate getting dressed up. Can you believe,J, hates getting dressed up?

love ya'll!