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Hello Pretty!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Okay. ..

Today I received in the mail a MAY 2006 edition of Shop etc. which I didn't subcribe to. Well what to have seems happen by the little letter enclosed that Budget Living has ceased publication( maybe because it was 3.95 mag that did fit in a BUDGET!) so Shop Etc. has pick up that subscription. I'm not impressed mainly because SHOP Etc. doesn't and can't stand up to Lucky. But,hey I take things free anyday.

I forgot to tell everyone abt my major mark. haul. It's all the products from the Hello Pretty collection. The best pieces are the eyeshadows which are crazy pigmented and go on so well.

I also got a free subscription to Lucky:) from mark.

I also got the Corrine Bailey Rae( Finally!) but it almost sounds old to tme becaue I've been listening to the downloaded tracks on my nano. My fave: "Enchantment"

Next week, I've got crack down on the GRE studying. Because the test is July 1. I was very close cancelling the test on today but they said I could only get 60.00 of 115.00 back. Nah,I'll take the damn test. So I'll be grinding on those study guide. My fresh new W,Gourmet,Bon Appetit, and Vanity Fair are just going to have to wait til the fourth of July.

Speaking of the fourth, down here in the country, it's customary to get a fresh outfit for the day, because of all the cookouts you got to hit. Of course you all know I probably won't be going to any maybe the one out side my back door but I'm going finally inflate my kid's pool and let them play and get myself a bathing suit and little sarong. Maybe. But I would like a fabulous sundress with some hot, hot sandals.

I love this dress!