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A Girl and Her Jewelry

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My taste in jewelry has changed over the last year. I used really do the matching chandelier earrings/necklace/bracelet thing. I also used to wear lots of colors and beads and textures. But one of New Years' resolutions was to tone my jewelry choices down so that I don't have to always have matching jewelry for an outfit but all of my jewely be functionable in my wardrobe. It has actually worked out great. My current taste in jewelry consits of gold and silver pieces with a little texture and length and still fashionable( not too classic). My inspiration came from a girl friend of mine who when she got married wore simple diamond studs and an eternity circle necklace that brought out her simple beauty even more. I thought to myself" I can do that...tone it down." Alot of my stuff is it still costume mainly because of the tight "budget". But i have some wish piece like the Cartier LOVE Bracelet above.

Others I'm wishing for:

kipepeo leaf earrings:

kipepeo roundel earrings:

I love all things David Yurman!

some of my favs:

puleeze i'll wear a David Yurman engagment ring!

One of my favorite jewelry designs is pave: