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Dear Soror Star...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

First I must say that the your decision to "leave" the View was the right one.If were fired,so what! Lately your co-hosts were not giving you any love. I think they are jealous cause you lost your weight and because you just too much woman for that show. Say peace to Elizabeth's tacky dressing arse, Joy's sarcasm because she really ain't funny, Barbara's floaty head arse and get on with life. Tell Al he can't have all of the closet room and bathroom time. You know how Kappas are!:) He's your man the way you married him so hang in there. Meanwhile take a mega vacay and reevaulate. But I need for you to do I couple other things.

Go shopping and pick up some cute pieces at girlshop.

Bang out sephora and try some of Becca foundations because you got to update that Studio Fix .

Come home the Carolinas so we can hang out.

Tell Al the mirror was yours FIRST, so get out the way!

No more MAC Chesnut lip liner. Cork is better.

Keep your weave tight. Brandy's got a hot line of hair.

Start a "After the View" Blog. :)

With Sisterly Love,
#1 "Cascade" Spring 1996 AKA"Notorious" and "'Bout it Bout it"