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The Monday Fashion Fly By

Monday, June 12, 2006

After a three month hiatus of EBay, I'm back Ebaying. I was looking for my boys some Stride Rite sandals when all of sudden I was bidding on three Vera scarves. Vera Neumann was accessories and home linens designer who incorporated a signature logo. I already have about seven of her scarves that mainly wear on my hair but I haven't seen them in two years because they are packed away in my storage. But anyway, I won them! Never found the boys shoes though. Still Ebaying.:)

More on Vera:,,284652_570461-2,00.html

I found this amazing blog called a Dress a Day.I have been reading it for that last two hours instead of preparing for the library tours I have to give on Wednesday.Truly a fashion girl's read.

I sprayed on my last of my philosophy Amazing Grace this morning and don't how I going to get some more because I'm ever so broke!

Love ya'll