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Buried Treasures!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Everyone who knows me good knows that oragnization is not my strongest point. Not even close! I'm a complete mess but I have gotten alot better since having two babes. The boys' things are in order because if not, I'll be that flustered, frantic mom I always see in the mall or bookstore who needs two nannies. Her diaper bag, well its her purse, her shirt is stained from juice, she's sweating and one of her children is acting is if he/she is possessed by demons. I pray each day not become her. so I have three different diaper bag and one in the trunk. The boys clothes are seperated in outfits so it's easy to pick something out, they have bed times and have a calender of things they do for the week. Now, why can't I get myself together like this?

My disorganiztion also has to do with my shopping obssession. I buy things and forget I have them or by them, use them once, and off they go into a basket, closet, box, floor,etc. Yesterday I was on miss julia's page, and she mentioned in a post about MAC Love Nectar and I thought,"I have that, somewhere...". So pulled out my many plastic shoe boxes full of makeup, perfume, and body products and there it was with other wonderful things I haven't seen or used in awhile.

MAC Love Nectar Lusterglass-I think i forgot about it because I had NARS orgasm l/g but I forgot about that too.

MAC Morning Glory Lustreglass-I wore it yesterday and it going to the everyday makeup box.

Becca Glossy Lip tint in Granita- This made me think,"oh how I miss Potion", a great indie makeup store in Charlotte who sold Becca, Chantecaille, Pretty Pretty, and a whole lot of other great non Sephora lines.

Cover Girl Queen Collection Eye Shadow Quads in Violet Vibes-never opened. but totally pretty

Tarte Cheek gloss in Tipsy- a wonderful peachy color that looks good on my cheekbones and helpes with my dry patches on my cheeks also.

Wet n. Wild Mega Glo Face Illuminator in Rosy- I so forgot how wonderful and money saving this is and it stretches to the cheek,lips, eyes.

Maybelline Dream Mousse in Suede Sensation- never used til yesteday when i blended it on my eyes with Rimmel eyeliner in Jungle Green.

I'm still finding stuff so I think it will be a part two of the post. :)