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"Roy-ed to death"

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

( Rach and Mr. Andre to the left)
I received my July edition of Vogue in the mail today. I always skip the first 50 pages of advertising to get to my fashion godfather's column,none other than Mr. Andre Leon Talley. This month he rants on three pages about Rachel Roy and her fashion line. Am I the only one not impressed by her overpriced, underinspired pieces? Every piece that I have ever seen of hers seems to be copies of other designers, such as Marc Jacobs or Chloe. Her'feminine,soft yet goth sensiblity' is what every one else does. Plus I can help to think if baby girl Aaliyah wasn't killed that she would not be Mrs. Dash and financing to her company would be none of Mr. Dash's.I'll admit she's pretty but every picture she takes with Dame looks odd and bored. Okay, she had humble beginnings and she was in fashion before Dame but is really your inspiration,Rach?Mr.Talley, you did no justice on the article. Talk about Britney's new black hair would have been more interesting.



Miss Kim on 10:57 AM said...

OMG!!! I thought it was just me... Rachel Roy's designs are ho-hum at best and WAY-WAY over priced. I wonder what's really going on with those two. I recall hearing Dame was still messing around with Devon Aoka and the next minute he's married to Rachel Roy. My Vogue is in a stack waiting to be read this weekend.