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"Mini"Review: Sephora Super Sheen Bronzing Mist

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A few weeks ago,I purchased Sephora Super Sheen Bronzing Mist hoping to score something similiar to the Nars Body Glow that "right now" can't afford. Well after using it twice,I have a mini review of it. It's a 4 fl oz pump spray bottle but my pump spray doesn't work, so I had to open it and put it in my hand to apply. Now its not a dry oil, where you put it on when you are wet. I tried that and none of shimmer stuck to my skin. Dry off first then apply. The fragrance of the Mist smells exactly like JLO Miami Glow, exactly! So to me that one of the perks. The scent sticks and the oil is smooth and light but not as moisterizing. You think so since it boasts four different kinds of oils. You have to let it dry or it will get on your clothes. The biggest down fall is the bronze sparkle. It looks ashy on your skin after you have worn it for awhile. Hope this helps!