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Spy on me!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm a Fendi Spy Bag fool! I have loved that damn bag since I saw Sarah Jessica Parker carrying it. And Beyonce makes it worst because she got about 20 of them. Well, of course I can't afford a 1500 bag but I can do $30 one. :) I have this one in a deep bronze that purchase from Almost Pink for $30 and I'm thinking of getting this white ostrich one. knock offs of course
Available at this cute to death website, .

Above also, "paddington bag" and "claire satchel"



samida on 7:36 PM said...

I have to peep this site, because I am going into shopping shock for that red stachel and the white "Fendi Spy"! Thanx for the heads up!

Toya on 11:37 AM said...

That is hot!