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The Skin I'm In?

Friday, July 21, 2006

My younger twin, Kelton, has heat rash all over his body :( Although he and his brother get slathered in sunscreen/bug repellant cream each day, this heat rash was unavoidable other than keeping him out of the sun and he loves the outdoors. The doctor prescribed to him Benedryl(a mother's fav) and Calamine lotion.As I was bathing hm in Aveeno Oatmeal Bath,I thought about my daily skin care regimen. I started to question was what I doing was enough. Now I know that the heat rash will eventually go away and he won't die of it but I thought of daily prevention skincare. Did I need to step it up even though I'm still under 30? Let's see, My mornings consist of:

Philosophy's Purity Made Simple
mark.vita surge moisterizer with SPF 7
mark.I be good eye cream( When I remember)

I switch the moisterizers and cleansers around. None that I know of have sunscreen( okay! I know!)

Specialities:I alternate with a face scrub and masks.It depends on what my skin is" feeling" like is what I will used sometimes four times a week. I only scrub with Lumene Arctic Touch Exfoliating Cream once a week.My masks are mark.Healthy Shots in Carrot Hydrating and Cucumber Balancing,Lumene Arctic Touch Purifying Peat Facial Mask,Lumene Body Activa Honey Birch Face Mask, and Coryse Salome Firming Cream Mask( found at Marshall's)

Night:I used Purity and CVS Night Cream( a comparsion to Olay Regenerist Night Cream)

Lips: I scrub with Smashbox Emulsion Lip Exfoiliant

Problem Stuff: Acne Free Acne and Blackhead Terminator

Insides:Plenty of Water but no vitamins or supplements

Now, doesn't that sound like ENOUGH! Yet, I think not.




Miss Kim on 4:10 PM said...

Good post! I'll share my regimen on my blog. I would add a multivitamin specifically for women and you'll be set!

samida on 7:21 PM said...

How do you rate that Acne free acne and blackhead terminator. I am always on the hunt for good acne/blackhaed wash.

rebelleBAP on 3:30 PM said...

It(Acne Free) works fast but peels like crazy. You can't put on during the day.It will look like you suffer from eczema.