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Bad Mood...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Last night was not a good night.I was not in a good mood because I get home and I got to bathe my kids,play with the kids, put the kids to bed,pick out and iron the kids clothes,eat, fix my lunch,wash dishes, pick out my clothes, take a bath,pack the kids diaper bag, finish washing and drying our clothes and after all this, try to go to sleep. I needed a pick me up. So I painted my nails! I normally don't even do it even though I have vintage train case full of polish plus my win of the elusive Chanel Black Satin on Ebay. I just have no time to keep it up. I can't believe i said that!Anyway,I used one of my Fall favorites,Goldie Creepy Groovey, a chocolate raspberry color I got last year at BBW that has actually kept very well. Then I
used Wet N Wild Fast Top Coat. I used own the fabu OPI Top coat polish but alas I can't afford even that splurge these days.Oh, that's why I was in a bad mood,I'm financially strapped and I want a lot of things for me and the boys.

Then I wake up this morning with a headache because I got little sleep. This morning's pick up: Demeter's Sugar Cookie. Demeters are weird to me but I really like this one.

I hope the day goes better!