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Shopping in the rain...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Today is nasty,wet rainy day in the Carolinas.I don't have a day off this week,so since I had to be at work at noon, I the decided to drive(in the rain) to Spartanburg to do a B&N run and to the mall. I went to mall to just flip around and to pick up a sample of Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology MMPi20 Skin Regenarating Serum at BBW.I received a coupon about two weeks ago and decided to use it. I also picked up BBW's new 3n1 in Pumpkin Pie(It's a 4oz trial size for $3) and my all time favorite night moisterizer Breathe By BBW in At Night.This stuff is miracle worker when you are trying to get some sleep.I got the 1.7oz(remember the budget?) for $8. I ran into one those Gold and Silver Jewelry kiosks in the mall called the Piercing Pagoda and noticed a wonderful selection a costume jewelry like gold tone chandelier earings with beautiful stones. They were just the right length for my neck yet delicate for what I'm about to do.I've decided to cut my hair very short in the next coming days. My mop plus wearing extnesions for the last year has taken it's toll on the mop.So finally I got the courage to shave it down( I'm going to a barber). I'm just going to start over and stop living under this weave/mop:). I'm thinking ordering some Carol's Daughter hair products. I have used the Hair Milk before(I've had a short crop before). But would like maybe some shampoo, a good conditioner, a hair oil, and a gel. I'm pretty exicited about doing it.:)

Going back to my car, I went through Belk where sniffed the new Hillary Duff and Princess by Vera Wang fragrances. I liked the Hillary Duff scent even though it smelled very similiar to Angel by Theirry Mugler. But any I smell with pepper scent smells like Angel. The Vera Wang Princess smelled good but it turned out to be a little too light scented.You can tell it's geared towards a younger woman(15-23).