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Birthday Bumps and Bruises

Monday, September 25, 2006

As you may know my uneventful birthday was this weekend. I was just waiting for the day to end as usual. It didn't go by without its up and downs. My oldest twin, Bubba Boo, had a fever. He runs fevers at least one a month. Every time a take him to the doctor and they say he has some infection( throat,sinus,stomach) and gives him an antibiotics. Well, his father says that he ran fevers like that when he was young and stayed in the hospital. He never knew why though. I'm going demand that he is sent to a specialist of some sort because he is not very good patient when he is sick and he's such a dramatic actor! Even after the fever broke he was playing the victim with his Grandma. I told her that Bubba Fat is going to be a star one day:) My youngest twin, Brownie Pecan, was well mannered and content and seemed to enjoy our trip to Kanpai in Spartanburg. But you can't take him in a store because he's kleptomanic. He touches everything and there is rarely a time that we don't walk out of store and he has something at the bottom of the buggy or stroller.He's strategist, he'll be a good with money one day because he knows what he's doing!

I got some cash, birthday cards(I love getting cards!),and two DVD's, Madea Goes to Jail and Why Did I Get Married. I have all of the Madea movies now. If there is anything that can put me in a good mood is a Madea DVD. Tyler Perry is so talented and Madea reminds me of Granny, Big Granny,and Aunt Lib all in one.

Only thing that I asked of God for my birthday was for my family and sanity to be intact. Those who know what's going on in my life right now, well I'm not "fighting" anymore because I won battle #2 on Friday. Hallelujah!!

Thanks to all of my family and friends and fellow blog pals for my well wishes for b'day!!!

Love you all and may God bless you beyond your wildest dreams!!!

Love you


Avin on 11:30 AM said...

Were your twins preemies? If so, it might be that Bubba's ear canals are too small to drain fluid properly. The "boy" was a preemie (though you would never know it to look at him now) and had chronic ear and throat infections up until he was about 5 when we had his tonsils and adenoids removed. Never had another infection since. Its a common occurance with earlies so check it out.

rebelleBAP on 10:56 AM said...

First, Thank you for the concern and advice! The "chil'rens" were born at 28 weeks and had minor problems associated with being preemies. He does have some respiratory problems that have to do with some of his infections. But if look at them now you wouldn't know they were preemies either:)