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Super Rave of mark. Bohista Suedeshine and Suedeshadow Quads

Monday, September 25, 2006

Last week I told ya'll about my recent purchase from mark. Bohista Suedeshadow and Suedeshine Quads. Well I must say that I'm extremely over the top in LOVE with these fab finds! First the Suedeshine Quad consist of:

Rebel: a deep bronze color

Sophisicate: a golden shimmer color

Swinger: a light raspberry shade

Hipster: a bronze with red accents shade

They all go on sheer but with lots of punch. They smell delicious( like cotton candy I think) and they even have sweet taste to it. I worn every shade since Thursday and proclaimed this as my best Fall Beauty find, so far!! The only thing I would change is that it needs some kind of mirror, it's slightly gooey, and it has to applied with a lipbrush which is not included. You also have layer it lightly for your selected intensity. I still highly recommend it at only $9.

The Suedeshadow Quad is includes:

Exotic- a red tinted bronze

Nomadic- a champagne colored shimmer

Ecletic- a copper shimmer

Chic- a maroon shimmer

Sounds like "what a combination"! Well, they go on smooth with good color. To me they are not sheer at all. All of shadows work together or alone.My fav out the bunch is Nomadic which when applied to the brow bone is stunning. It doesn't look over done. My only negative would be a mirror needs be included. Suedeshadow Quad is only $9 too.

Please add these pallettes to your Fall list!!

Photo: Ebay Listing