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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Check Out these new items that mark will be having for the Holiday 2006 season.They come out in November!!

List of Items in the makeup case:
Snap To It Custom Color Palette (Favorite Colors Make Your Own Face Case)

I-Mark eye shadow in Biscotti

Good Glowing blush in Cameo Glo

Powdermatic powder in Medium.

Hook Ups - On the Edge eyeliner in Cleo

Scanda-Lash mascara in Blacklash

Glow Baby Glow lip gloss in Hot Super

10 Eyeshadow Applicators for a flawless Application

10 Mascara Brushes for a flawless Application



Anonymous said...

Are there stores where I can buy Mark producst, or do I have to go through a representative?

samida on 12:50 AM said...

I love MARK. products. That train case is definitely on my "I want that" list!

rebelleBAP on 1:17 PM said...

You can order online at or find a rep on that same website. We have a general store-like place that the woman is a Avon rep and she sells her stuff there and takes orders. I also get ALOT my mark on Ebay.

That case was the first thing I wanted to when I saw it!