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J's TV Time!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Hey all!

Sorry I haven't posted but I've stuck to the TV lately. I told ya'll I was not watching anymore ANTM.It's hard because that was one of my fav shows,but it's too tacky this season. Note to Tyra, take a break.(I'm going to write her a letter:))

My mom and I stayed up to watch Project Runway. She finally agreed that we need a TIVO because we were both too tired to be up watching TV @10pm.We both got mega pissy when Uli stole Nazri the muse from Micheal,ugh!! And Michael,baby, don't make another evening dress, ever.

Last night, I watched Ugly Betty and love it!It was fun but inspirational at the same time.I finally got something to watch on Thursday.You know BET will be coming back with their stupid shows for the season.Vanessa Williams is so fabulously villianous I could die!!



Haute Girl on 12:52 PM said...

ugly betty totally stole from the devil wears prada.

and damn that uli for stealing nazri!!! michael is still going to win though.

Editor, What's Haute and Hauteness

Miss Kim on 1:30 PM said...

Ugly Betty rocks!!! I loved it. Although there were elements of TDWP.

I DVR'd ANTM and Project Runway. I'll watch this weekend. The premiere of ANTM really didn't grab me like cycles past. Is Tyra slipping????

rebelleBAP on 6:19 PM said...

Haute Girl,

I so hope Michael wins! and Ugly Betty is slightly TDWP.

Tyra been slipplin with that lace front wig she sports! I've never been a fan of personality but she is a "fieeeerrrce" model.

Elle* on 1:42 PM said...

Man! I put the reminder on iO! to watch "Ugly Betty" but I had so much work to do and I couldn't catch it...(Darn HW!) From what I understand it is based on the novella "Betty La Fea" so maybe that old novella is slightly TDWP?