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Next! ANTM Cycle 7 premiere...

Friday, September 22, 2006

This season's ANTM is a the tackiest one I have ever seen. Here are my views on it:

-initially Monique was my favorite but her personality is absolutely sickening almost intentionally bitchy. It makes her look real ugly. She would have NEVER stole my bed because I would've gotten crunk on her and I would've just gotten kicked off the show.

-I like A.J. but how many times has Tyra done androgynous? I mean give it up, Tyra.

-I like Jaeda too. Doesn't she remind you of Corinne From Cycle 5?

-Was Tyra's hair like horribly big? Tell your stylist to not your double tracks.

-I like the twins but I'm partial to twins anyway!

-Anchal remindes me of the Asian girl from last cycle. Beautiful yet very ethnic but no self esteem. Plus I don't think Anchal has a lot of variety in her look. She's a stunna though.

-I'm pissed that they eliminated Christian. And I know what ya'll are thinking,"J's taking up for her cuz she's from Columbia S.C." I thought that she didn't know her angles that's all.She was beautiful.Melrose should have gotten the boot.She had one the best themes and she screwed it.

I won't be watching it this season. I rather watch the new season of Top Chef. ANTM Cycle 7 reminds me of the Real World. Once they did the Las Vegas Season, it got real predictable.