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Fashion/Beauty Slump and Dump...

Friday, October 06, 2006

Yesterday I was having Fashion and Beauty Slump and dump. I was down because I'm sorta tired buying on a budget. For once I want to blow some money. It all started in Target when I was contemplating putting back a $10 shirt so that I won't be broke next week. $10 shirt, cousins. Ugh, I just put it back.Too much pressure. But the point is as budgeting diva, I sometimes to get sick of buying drugstore makeup because $14 lipglosses sometimes make no sense or shopping in Target and WalMart for clothes hoping they won't shrink and I'll get my money's worth. I need a(some) new coat(s) and being extra curvy, I need something that looks good and fits. I can't get this coat from WalMart! I need my Purity Made Simple, knowing nothing else works for me, but I can't splurge because I got the other half of my car insurance coming up. And having children who are sick on and off, you can't be caught with empty pockets. Hopefully I'll get a fashion and beauty windfall and magically a couple thousand will fall from no where and give me some new quality things.