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Happy Birthday Granny!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Today I celebrate my grandmother, Mrs. Ida Jane Jeter's birthday. She would have been 71 today. She passed away October 4 ten years ago, a hour and day shy of her 61st birthday. I think her everyday of my life. I wish had been able to say good bye. The last day that I saw her was the day before my 19th birthday(September 22).As I was going out the door, she said "No speeding going back over to that school,I'll be watching you." I laughed and turned around and gave her a kiss.She knew all along that I would never see her again. She affected alot of the things I do now especially my love for fashion and beauty. She would buy me Sassy magazine and Revlon nail polish, let smear on her precious Chanel No.5 body cream,and sit at her vanity and put on her "good" jewelry. She bought me my first perfume, Liz Claiborne, in the red triangle and let me wear her Mikimoto pearls when I graduated from high school. She told me that I should always have a good suit and a nice pajama sets,something she kept because she was always in the hospital.On Sundays I would wait for her to come down the aisle in church in her church robe trying catch a whiff her White Linen perfume and ask for a peppermint. She had to have the largest collection of Aigner I had ever seen, I mean cigarette cases, trench coats, leather coats(long and short),purses,navy Aigner, even luggage!She only wore Fashion Fair makeup even had Fashion Fair Shampoo and Setting Lotion for her roller sets.And never missed her standing once a week wash and set.When I turned 18, she drove me up Union County Voter Registration to get me registered.She said,"Vote for that Clinton boy,now." LOL!When she passed I gave the funeral home a vintage scarf to put on her, so that she will know we will always be together,two textbook Libras who love purple, Caress Soap and good restaurants.

I love you Granny,Angel of Mine.