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South Carolina on my mind, beauty in my heart!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hi all!
I want to say that yesterday I have never been so happy to see the state of South Carolina in my life. It was so good to be back in the familiarities of the country after 24 loooonnnng hours in good ole' Charlotte North Carolina. My "Bubba Boo" got really sick while in the "care" of his father for the weekend and I had to hottail it to Levine Children's Hospital to be with him. People, don't get sick in Charlotte, that's all I'm going to say. God prevailed his blessing on my little fat boy and he's doing alot better AT home in South Carolina.

Before I had the worse 24 hours of my life, that included sleeping on a hard fold out chair in the same room with the "other" biological parent, I had scored a deal that you all will not believe. Saturday night, I went to Spartanburg to the Victoria's Secret to check out the new Very Sexy makeup and redeem a $10 coupon that they sent me for my birthday.

I got:
Fearless lip gloss , above,($12 minus $10 off coupon)- an intense purple that goes on smooth and not sticky and surprisely come off easily. The only I would change is that applicator end is a brush which over time is not going last. Maybe a sponge tip would have been better.

Velvet Rope lipstick,above 1st pic,(free,I had a free Very Sexy Lipstick coupon, reg $12)- It looked familiar in color and when I got home, I compared it with MAC's O and it is the EXACT color. I'm keeping it though. I goes on smooth too with no annoying smell and great packaging.

Victoria's Secret Cotton Panty(free with a coupon, reg $7.50)-I haven't been able to wear VS in a long time so I got a XL, thinking I can probably wear them to bed if they are too small. They fit great so I must have lost some weight.:)

$2.10 for $31.50 worth of items!



Marcy on 6:49 PM said...

Awesome deals! I just blogged about the new VS line, I was in there last week and played around with all the testers. =)