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Diary of a Nouveau Nappyhead Part VII

Monday, November 20, 2006

My hair and I are having growing pains.It has probably grown a 1/4 inch since I cut it and my routine of wet it, condition it, gel it is not working anymore. It akes more time in the morning to get to look like something( more than 15 minutes). Grrrr!! It's not long enough to double strand twist and look good.It is taking every thing in me not to cut it down again or texturize it. If I cut it down again then I'll be waiting for it to grow and if I texturize it at this length it will look like a starter jheri curl( do you know that Jheri Curl has a entry in Wikipedia?)!

I'll figure something out. Suggestions let a sista know!



Anonymous said...

I am so glad to know I am not the only one that's at that between length. I am about an 1-1 and half inches long rocking a lil fro. I am trying to let it grow so I can do the 2 strand twist or something besides this brown bush (I colored it with Xpressives color by bigen). Who knew being natural was all about being patient. I am looking forward to hearing what others suggest.

rebelleBAP on 3:14 PM said...

"Being natural was all about being patient".That is a VERY good point!!!