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How Yummy!! Big Girls Edition!

Friday, November 17, 2006

I consider myself a half- plus size girl. I wear a 44D bra and 16 pants and now I'm just getting into L and XL shirts after a year of XXL. But I can't wear a shirt out of Lane Bryant and most of the things in Torrid and Ashley Stewart are a little too big, even at the smallest size. I gained the majority of weight AFTER I had my children and moved back to Union. My eating habits were a mess plus I though need to lose weight because I thought that's what the "plaintiff" liked. Well, a year and half later and changed lifestyle and mind ,I became more accepting of my curves and how to dress them better. I love fashion and all because it comes in a size XS doesn't mean I don't think its cute. But I will not give up my weekly jaunt to Applebees' to be "skinty". I just want to be healthy, energetic and wearing size 14!!! Well my search for cute clothes for half-big girls I came across B& Lu, a very sweet plus size line. Above are some my wishlist items...