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Friday Afternoon MeMe!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Your Favorites MeMe

List what you like and pass it on…then the next person fills in their favorites and passes it on!!Go!!!

Lip gloss-That’s hard!! Becca Granita, MAC Viva Glam VI, Revlon SuperLustrous in Coffee Gleam…I could go on and on…

Jewelry-My Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet and my thin silver hoops my mom gave me four Christmases ago.

Shoes-Nine West,

Handbag- my knockoff Bronze Fendi Spy Bag

Car-2007 Jeep Commander

City-I really don’t have one…

Restaurant-Red Rock Café’

Body Lotion-Sharon Bolton Truth

Book-Sugar by Bernice McFadden


Department Store-Nordstrom, Belk

Department in the Department Store-Cosmetics, of course

TV Show- right now, Ugly Betty all time: The Cosby Show

Reality Show-Project Runway

Song-Love Ballad by LTD, Outstanding by Gap Band, Wait For Love by Luther”Luffa” Vandross

Body part on you-my eyes

Drink-Sweet ice tea

Perfume-Philosophy Amazing Grace


Ice Cream-Haagen Daas Dolce de Leche

Mascara-CoverGirl Lash Exact

Hair Product-Black Hair Gel!! And Oyin Honey Hemp Conditioner

Nail Polish-none