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Weekend Rantings and Questions...

Monday, November 13, 2006

Tested the new VS Angels Fragrance Desire. I loved how it smelled when it went on the but the dry down smelled cheap. Almost bought it....

Til' I bought the December Elle and there was a coupon in it for a free one...


Why is Beyonce being pumped up for an Oscar? I don't believe it...

But I am exicited about seeing Dreamgirls!!

Check out this Dreamgirls blog!!

What happened to Marie Claire? The covers are so "dry" and feel like I'm reading National Geographic and not a Fashion magazine.

The Devil Wears Prada DVD...December 12!!!

Where in the HELL is my December Lucky mag!Dayum Conde' Nast!!

Should I make up an order from Sephora just to get the deluxe sample bag?

What do I want for Christmas?

I love that American Idol revisited show!

OMG...I can wear a size large from New York and Company...(considering I could wear nothing from them last year...and they cut big)

The Jill Marie Jones Beauty layout in December's Essence is stunning!!

I think Mikki Taylor's "Mikki Says" should be waaaayyy longer.

Who will I play my Sephora Monopoly with when I buy it?




Anonymous said...

ok something happened with my comp and my almost-done-too-long-post was erased. i guess that's good for you,lol

your last two posts are so full of things that i agree with or wanted to comment on:
-what is the release date for the dreamgirls sdtk? (and i also only buy a cd after previewing online.)
-i am mad because the last two months my glamour mag has shown up in the grocery store before my mailbox! waiting for Dec. issue of Essence.
-what do i want for christmas? that makes for a new post! =)

-woohoo! on the NYC clothes.

=) have a great week!

rebelleBAP on 9:47 PM said...

hey yummy!

The release date for Dreamgirls Soundtrack is 12/05. I totally depise not getting an of my 12 mags before they hit the stands. My Lucky for December, I saw it two weeks ago before I got it YESTERDAY!

I'll definitely will be making a CHristmas list post. Although I'll get absolutely nothing off it. But its fun to do anyway:).