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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My soror "T.Hall" emailed me this question.She's pretty new on the scene of makeup fascination. I try to school her as much as I know how!!

"I was in Sephora and had a question about bronzer and the dude that was helping me seemed not the least bit, I thought I would consult with my resident make-up expert. My question is, is bronzer designed to be used by itself? Does it go on top of foundation or can it be applied to the bare face?I would like to re-create this look. I think Ms. Eva "Marcelle" always looks beautiful. Her makeup artist is off the chain!!! Can you make me look like that? I have this new fascination with makeup for some reason...and I don't even wear any. I just like how it looks on other people. Go figure."

"Okay T.Hall,

You are looking for a powder bronzer that gives you the same glow as Eva the Diva. Easy, mama, easy.:)

First,You can wear a powder bronzer with or without foundation. But if you wear a moisturizer, don't skip it. Put that on first.

Second,Get a brush that will allow the bronzer to applied perfectly. Normally these are big fluffy brushes. You don't have to spend alot of money unless you want to. I introduced "E-dub" AKA "Yo' LS Erica" to Essence of Beauty Brushes that are sold at CVS. They are amazing quality for drugstore.The one you would look for is called "Powder Brush" It's fluffy and will pick up just enough product for a natural application.

Third-Bronzers come either matte(no shimmer) or Shimmer. Eva probably uses one with shimmer. Here are some of my picks:

KLS by Kimora Lee Simmons Highlighter in Brilliant Butterscotch.-I know it doesn't say bronzer but it works just like one, not making you look darker but giving you a punch of color. Because bronzers are not made to alter you skin color but give you a healthy summery-I-just-did-St. Tropez-with-Diddy-and Kim-and the-twins look. Don't let NO ONE sell you a dark a** color.

Milani Shimmer Stripes in Bahama Bronze-If you go to the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics website they sell this product called a Shimmerbrick.It's like $40 and highly popular and fantastic but some smart low end cosmetics company named Milani got slick and copied it. And works just as well.It gives a little more sparkle than the KLS hightlighter. Plus it requires a little practice since you have "swirl" you brush in the color to get the colors to mix. I love it though.I have all the Milani colors of this.

Watch out for bronzers that are made for the "face and body".Their formulations are some times good for the body but to too dark or heavy for the face

Now, I also use liquid bronzer. It works better for me because I have dry skin on my face and body. I mix it with moisturizer. Here's my two favs:

Wet N Wild Mega Pump Bronzer in Brazilian Bronzer-just a dab mixed with a moisturizer gives the Eva the Diva glow.

I hope this helps!! "


PS. I bet you that Eva probably uses more than one bronzer for that effect. We can experiment when I come to visit!:)


yummy411 on 6:04 PM said...

You gave your pal some great advice (or at least we think alike *wink.) I have tried just about everything you recommended and it works!

As for the brushes, I started out with the Essence of Beauty and haven't been able to depart since. Especially when other brushes are $10+

As for Ms. Eva, please remember that she's under a lot of lights and camera action (in pictures)which can give makeup/looks a different dimension. Once I put on some bronzer and highlighted the tops of my cheeks (bone) and thought "i don't see anything." I got out in the sunlight and felt differently, and it will look differently on camera too (granted it's a good camera and film.)
Love your beauty finds and tips =)

yummy411 on 6:06 PM said...

oh yeh, on the drug store products.. i can't find the milani "shimmerbrick". I've been looking =( The wet n wild bronzer is nice! the only downside is that some people's skin may react to it differently than others. I use smashbox's artificial light (alot more costly, unfortunately) but i think it's supposed to be better for your skin (not great, but better somehow.) okay.. that's all, LOL!

rebelleBAP on 10:36 AM said...


Those Milani Shimmer Stripes are something else!!They were on their own display and limited edition. But since the word got all over Makeup Alley that they are fantasic,they seem to be sold out everywhere.I went to five different drugstores b4 I found them. Good luck!! My CVS has them now...Thinking about buying up and selling them on Ebay!

Miss Kim ;~) on 10:41 AM said...


I love Essence of Beauty brushes. I was very shocked at the quality after I tried them but they have proven to be great brushes and easy on the wallet. Let me know when/if you sell those Milani Shimmer Stripes on Ebay ;)