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Weekend Rantings and Ravings...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

*I have a appointment at the Bobbi Brown Counter during an "Event" they are having.I'm broke and don't know if I should go. If you got an answer for me, let me know.:(

*I finally found those WnW pallettes that everybody on the MUA are screaming about.I got Deck The Halls. I hope to put up a FOTD picture this week.

*Dear Santa:Please bring me a new digital camera.Love, Jamie

*I'm going through a spell of "city-itis" and I'm ready to get the hell out the country!!

*I have rediscovered my MAC pigment samples. This weekend I used Vanilla,Coco, Tan,Chocolate and Fairylite and Blue Brown.I got new ones in Shimmertime,Azreal Blue,Golder's Green,Softwash Grey,Night Light and Gold Dusk.

*Why do people ask you if you are ready for Christmas? No, I'm not!

*Everybody:Read the Dreamgirls article in Vanity Fair. Beyonce is mess!

*Alert! New Loreal HIP Limited Edition!I think its for the Golden Globes like last year Loreal did Photomagique and introduced the infamous Front Page Peach Blush.There's a blush called Coquette( a bright punchy pink) and a liquid shimmer called Infamous.

*January Edition of Marie Claire is definitely alot better.I still left it on the shelf at B&N.

*Calgon has a new Lotion called MMMMMM! Cotton Candy.I must have it.:)



R.K. on 5:16 AM said...

Is it me...or are these entries hard to read? The dark pink font and the burgundy background is impossible to make out.
Love the blog otherwise. :-)

yummy411 on 12:15 AM said...

wah! i'm still looking out for the milani shimmerbrick and loreal hip limited edition collection... so sad~