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Just Another Day...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas this year felt like another day. I wished that it could have been joyous but I wasn't for me. Other than watching my children play til they collapsed in toy induced coma, yesterday felt majorly empty. I wanted to be away from it all. So, I buried myself in The Accidental Diva for the third time and sipped cups of hot cocoa and E&J to soothe the pain of not seeing my Dad rant about the massive amounts of toys my children received. He would have been even more pissed if he had seen all the clothes they got. They can wear something new each day for a month! That's the amount clothes and outfits they got. Before he passed he had bought them US savings bonds that arrived in the mail Saturday. What a man:)

I got a couple of things. Not much. The boys' father/person gave me a gift card to Target. At least his ass thought about it this time. My mom bought me a 1/4 dark grey wool coat with a coordinating scarf. God, did I need a coat!!! I ate good food and waiting for the day to end. The new year is approaching and I'm working on my fashion and beauty resolution list. I don't make those resolutions like lose weight and save money. It never happens. Instead I make fun ones that I know I can hit. I'll post that soon.

Here's a pic of me Christmas Day. I'm wearing on my eyes, Wet N'Wild Mega Eyes Trio in Mojave Mauves smoked out. I'm also wearing a head wrap. I wear them especially on days off when I want to give my hair a rest. And yes I finally got my worn out digital camera fixed!!


yummy411 on 12:30 PM said...

hey jamie,
sorry your christmas wasn't as fulfilling. your dad was a special man.. that was really nice of him to do that for your sons..

well, hey, you looked great! (and got your cam fixed, yay!) you're making me want to go try out the wnw stuff. it looks great on you. usually, drugstore cosmetics go on so light that i feel it's not worth my time.

were you happy with the tarjay gift card? it's nice, but usu. being mothers, we end up using them on our kids.... i guess you can't expect too much.

stay up!

Elle* on 6:01 PM said...

Happy Belated Xmas!

Yea, it was the same for me unfortunately. Xmas' at home are always like that. I don't think I'll be spending them at home anymore.

rebelleBAP on 6:27 PM said...


Give those wet n wild trios a try.They have some amazing pigment to them. And that tarjay gift a post on that coming up. and spent it on myself before I could even think about buying the boys anything!!!

Merry belated x-mas to you too!! Maybe we should all go on a cruise next year!!!


tia said...

Happy Really Belated XMas,

My Xmas wasn't so great either. Had a rough year financially; 2007 Will Be Better. At least the kids had a great time. My mother-in-law gave me a gift card to the mall here. I didn't see anything that caught my eye so I will probably spend it on the kids. Or maybe I'll hit up Sephora. L'Occitane has a nice orange type fragrance too that I might try.