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Why It Pays to live in a Small Town by Jamie

Sunday, December 24, 2006

This morning I recieved a call from the main post office here in town telling me that they had a package for me from Hawaii(It was a swap from a MUAer) and they thought it might be a Christmas gift and for me to come up there and pick it up before 11:00 am. The main desk part was not open so I had to ring a"bell" and they opened the door and gave me FOUR packages. and last night was just on my knees for the zillionth time praying for God to move me and my kids up out of this piece!! I still want to leave but I just thought that kind of kindness would have NEVER happened in Rock Hill ( which is about 60 miles away) or (please...) Charlotte. Ah...Su'thern Hospitality!!!!