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Tuesday's MeMe

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The \\

Last Cigarette:About month ago...:(

Last Alcoholic Drink:Thanksgiving...Sutter Home White

Last Car Ride: Just about 15 mins ago

Last Kiss:ummmm...oh...spence gave me good mornin' "suga"

Last Good Cry:Sunday

Last Library Book:Saturday...reading Dirty Red

Last book bought:The Lingerie Handbook

Last Book Read:Dirty Red

Last Movie Seen in Theatres: That's one with the Rock and Xzibit playing football?

Last Movie Rented:Dave Chappelle's Block Party

Last Cuss Word Uttered:Damn

Last Beverage Drank:Sweet Tea

Last Food Consumed:Club Sandwich

Last Crush:Oooo...The dude on that new show The Game that plays the Tia/Tamera twin's boyfriend..He's yummy. Oh...and Rachael Ray.I love that white woman.

Last Phone Call:Bill collector:(

Last TV Show Watched:Some cartoon on Lifetime this morning

Last Time Showered:Last night

Last Shoes Worn:black flat boots

Last CD Played:Tamia:Between Friends

Last Item Bought:Lunch

Last Download:Silly by Deniece Williams

Last Annoyance: Who comes on Sunday to see my kids?

Last Disappointment:Who comes onSunday to see my kids

Last Soda Drank:eww!

Last Thing Written: MUA Swap details

Last Key Used:Car key

Last Words Spoken:
Last Words Spoken?

Last Sleep:Horrible.Followed by a whiny fat baby in the other room

Last Ice Cream Eaten:I don't know

Last Chair Sat In:My desk chair

Last Webpage Visited: Blogger