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5 things you don't know about me...

Friday, January 19, 2007

My sweet Avin over @99 products tagged my ass for this. Thanks ma...

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I'm tagging Samida @ Stained Couture, Sylvia @ I Like Her Style,Erica"E-Dub" and Jenn Wes.

I wore braces for 4 1/2 years.

I didn't get them til I was 15 and the orthodonist put the bottom rack on first then six months later the top rack. Then I had my roof of my mouth cracked and realigned and had to wear this little device where you have a key to turn it. I also wore those horrible rubber bands and colored caps in different colors. After I pledged in 1996 I had my whole mouth done up in pink and green!! Then my orthodonist took them off and didnt give me any retainers and my teeth immediately started to shift. So he gave me a brand new set of braces on him. This time I had ceramic braces that stained like crazy. I wore those like for a year. Then he bonded retainers on the back of my teeth. Thank God for bonded reatiners because I got grown friends that wear retainers at night.

I've never had a new car.

Never, but since was 13, I've had a five cars, none I've purchased on my own. I've had a 1978 Plymouth Champ,1985 Ford Escort( my sweet 16 car), 1987 Dodge Lancer("Blue"L" Dog" RIP!) 1990 Buick Regal, and 1994 Toyota Corolla. To be honest, I don't want a car payment.

I played the flute for 11 years

I started in the 6th grade, was on my Jr High and HS marching and concert bands. I marched for all four years on my HS band(core style, for the band geeks). Then I played on different ensembles in college. I can pick it up now and play my HS fight song off the top of my head.

At one point, I wanted to be an attorney but Constitutional Law I in Fall 1998 changed that.

That was one the worst classes I ever took. I was hella hard and the work load was ridiculous. I did however like my professor and all of classmates. Everyone helpe me through the class but when I was through, I quickly looked into another career option. But I can tell you about all kinds Supreme Court cases. My favorite was Miranda vs. Arizona.

I never had a Jheri Curl AKA in Union as a "Curly Kit"

My mom had one that was like something off Coming To America. It was curly,loopy, springy and perfectly wet at all times. Then she wore a face full of Fashion Fair and smelled of Emeraude. She so fabulously 80s when I was young!! But she told me that "Two people in the house could not have "curls", it was too expensive( this coming from a woman who had 20 Aigner purses)". I think she didn't want to damage my hair. But I begged and begged and never got one. My Cousin Tiffany had one and I was so jealous and she knew it! We talk about that all the time:)