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Who rocked that hair?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Here's Sienna's hyped-up GG hair do that everyone's raging about...
Mary...she rocked this MONTHS ago... as part of her 2006 album release.
Which one do you prefer?



Tiffany A. said...

Hands down.

Ms. New Beauty on 1:56 PM said...

Mary's. Sienna looks like she pulled her hair back in a messy bun and just pinned the braid around it. It doesn't match the feel of her hair, while Mary's is very polished. The braid looks like it *could* be real.

emily on 12:59 AM said...

Sienna's looks like she's just had a (literal) roll in the hay. Mary's is perfect...regal even.

I'm not sure I love the style itself. But I think I like Mary's better.

I'm new here, just hopping around and stopped to say hello!


rebelleBAP on 10:14 AM said...

Hi Emily!!

Welcome to Rural Glamour!!!