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Beauty Find of the Day!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Today,I'm wearing L'Oreal Star Secrets Penelope's Red. I never thought I would find a red lipstick I liked. All of the red tinted lip glosses and lipsticks always look too much on me, so I had given up of red lip shades period. But I picked this up a couple weeks ago and love it. It gives alot more color than the other Star Secret shades like Eva's Caramel which is too orange on me or Noemie's Plum which is too sheer for my liking. Who knew I had something in common with Penelope Cruz?

Sorry for the blurry raggedy camera.:(


yummy411 on 4:13 PM said...

jamie! that red looks amazing on you! i never thought that any red didn't work on a someone of your complexion! i was always told by my sister that i was too light to wear red... =( it's all about finding the right shade and i haven't quite done it yet.

i had to take a second look to see what color it was and great.. a product from the drugstore! yay! what did you pair the lipstick with on your eyes?

rebelleBAP on 4:50 PM said...

Thank you!! If you are lighter than moi I know you can rock red. It's all about finding the right shade. You know that!:) I used very sheer golds and bronzes on my eyes so all the focus was the lips. believe it or not it was KLS by kimora lee simmons e/s in baguette bronze and mark. e/s in minx.