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Beauty Find of the Day!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I purchased mark. Face Expert Flawless Touch Makeup in Deep a couple months ago. I guess took a wild guess on my shade since I had no real samples to go by. Face Expert goes on pretty sheer and is supposedly applied with it's own sponge tipped applicator. This how I used it: I shook it really good so that will coat the sponge when I take it out, spot sponged the parts of my face that I needed coverage and then took my foundation brush and evened everything out. the formula itself is fabulous, unscented,sheer but gives just the right amount of coverage, color match perfection. It's the packaging that is trash. I guess it would be good for travel if you didn't want to bring all of your brushed with you. But I bring all of my brushes(ha!).