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Cheap Tip of the Day: What I will not skimp on...

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Or" What I won't skimp on" for the country folk...

Detergent- Most of my clothes are not designer pieces and most of them don't cost over $20 a piece of clothing. So you gots to take care of cheap clothes. I learned this from my Soror Kindra who was size -0 in college and had tons of clothes but most of them were from juniors department and what I called "hoochie mama" stores. But you would never know. She was meticulous in washing, hanging,and pressing her clothes. She said to me,"You can't wash cheap clothes in cheap detergent, you want to at least get the $10 out of it that you put in it!". That simple.

Eye Makeup Remover- I have literally tried all of the drugstore/mass market crap that burns my eyes. Lancome Deficils remover works like a dream.

Tweezers- Because I do my own brows, I rather have the good tools that cheap ones that don't grab the hair like you want it to. I probably got7 or 8 Tweezermans lying around

Pantyhose - I'm a big booty/big legs girl who needs big protection. And there are never any big sizes on sale.

Shavers- Cheap shaving cream but no cheap razors. I have no time for nicks and dry skin.
What won't you skimp on ??


Butterfly BAP on 7:05 PM said...

I will not skimp on lotion or Vaseline. No "Petroleum Jelly" or "Skin Lotion" for me. If I use that...I would look like I was kickin' flour!

yummy411 on 9:31 PM said...

jamie, i'm thinking hard. i think razors are one thing i won't skimp on. i learned the hard way. i used one razor without my conditioning strip, double blades, etc. (for convenience) and i had a bad case of under arm terror! no more cheap razors! medicine, i don't skimp on too often and... lunch. i know eating out burdens my pockets, but at the end of the day, i felt as though i've compromised and satisfied a need and a want. =p

Miss Kim ;~) on 10:23 AM said...

I will not skimp on detergent either, it's Tide with Downy or nothing at all and I am a dry cleaning fiend, lol!