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Cheap Tip of the Day

Monday, January 29, 2007

Learn how to do your own beauty(hair,skin,nails,eyebrows,etc.)

I had to learn and learn early. My mother, who is a successful buyer and makes more money than most in our small town is cheap as hell. It comes from growing up poor in rural South Carolina. So she won't spend money on splurges on unless it was necessary. That meant trips to the salon, waxing, makeup. So as a teenager, I learned how to do my own hair. My cousin DeeDee moved down here from Knoxville when we were 14 and had taken cosmetology at her high school so she could braid, weave, anything you wanted. I would sit and watch her do hair in her grandma's kitchen. She showed me how to do relaxers, bond in weaves, wraps, twists, and how to keep healthy hair. I still use alot of what I learned today. I wore a weave for over two years that everyone thought I was running to Charlotte to get professionally done. Hell,I was gluing those tracks in, taking in out every three weeks, washing the weave and putting it right back in!

I learned to pluck my eyebrows from my mom and I read beauty book after book on how to give yourself home manis and pedis. I don't think there's nothing I go get professionally done only a edge up around the back of neck and that's free( my cousin Kwame, a barber/hustler). I save serious paper because I know how to do beauty stuff for myself.