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A Piece of Me...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

This is the "almighty"( as my momma would call it) lookbook/style diary/idea book. I have other journals for different things but this is the Rural Glamour think tank. I have cut outs out from online, old magazines,new magazines, beauty coupons, blog ideas,shopping lists etc. I feel quite lost without this book. Miss Kim and I are always talking about our books. So I thought I might share this little piece of me with ya'll!



Toya on 4:45 PM said...

I have one, too! I have a notebook that I just tape or glue little swatches or ads or articles or whatever gives me ideas. And I have a book that I carry in my purse where I jot down items as they come to my mind. Fun!

Elle* on 8:00 PM said...

This is so fun...I have sooo many stacks of mags, and I've been planning to make mine for like a year! I just jotted down on my To-Do list to do this this week, and here I come to your site and you posted yours! I tell ya, when I get something in my, the universe keeps nudging me!