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Diary of a Nouveau Nappyhead Part IX

Friday, January 26, 2007

Today, I went tryin' on wigs @ one of the local asian beauty supply store.I did it because I want to give the fro' a rest while growing and I wanted a quick new look. I get bored with my hair pretty fast. That explains all the weave I've worn in the past. So while trying on wig after wig I finally this cute curly natural straw set one. It looks like what I want the fro' to look like. But course,it 29.95. So,I'm not surprised,I've have wigs before, worth more than that, but that was pre-chil'ren Jamie. I just couldn't bring myself to by the wig. $30.00! So,I left the store and now I can't stop thinking about the wig. I can see wearing different headbands and scarves with it ala "Effie from Dreamgirls-I'm Changing-Dreamgirls finale-Effie". What's a girl to do?



yummy411 on 9:37 PM said...

i'm so not looking forward to part of the process =( but the end result will be beautiful!