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Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack of the Week!

Monday, March 12, 2007

This week's Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack in Maysa's Smooth Sailing. She's an amazing and crazy talented singer who also moonlights on Incognito albums. But her solo albums are sweet and jazzy and R&B flavored. My favorite songs are Where Do You Go, Smooth Sailing, and Soul Child. I have all her CDs downloaded to the Zen Nano. I'm so ready for sundresses and tank tops. Please check her out!
*I wish I could download a music player to the post but I'm a techie dumb ass. I still trying ...:)


yummy411 on 9:18 AM said...

hey jamie! i use imeem player from you put the tracks on from their site and add the code to your template. you can add/delete songs from imeem. i still like the individual posts highlighting the artist or certain tracks =)