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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I know I have mention that the boys and I were moving in past posts. But today I'm going receive my blessing and officially announce that we are moving out of grandma's/momma's house. Thank you,Lord! We should be moving in by May. I'm more excited for the boys who now have the "run" of their own house, without knocking over any antique lamps! I didn't purchase a place but renting a house right here in the U( that's not a shack). I've been collecting things for the last two years for when ever I move.My stuff has been in storage for almost three years plus some of it wasn't in the best shape anyway when I packed it up! I normally pick up things from the clearance section of Marshalls,TJMaxx,and Ross. Like these Rubbermaid spatula and spoon,prep bowls, and organic garden set got yesterday all for ten dollars. I'm going to a organic "patio" garden by planting the veggies in pots and plastic containers. I hope to run up on some Le Crueset pots in clearance one day!!



Miss Kim ;~) on 1:29 PM said...

Congratulations on your new home!!!! I know you will make it into a fabulous abode, lol!

Elle* on 1:14 PM said...

Good for you!