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March, Summertime, What?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weekends in the "cuntry" are basically full of nothing. Other than running back and forth to Spbg when my stomach growls for something other than a 2 piece thigh and leg dinner, I'm bored as hell. The kids were at home this weekend so we played outside, played outside and played outside. IT IS SO make no sense. I mean its just MARcH!! I picked these new Milani Shimmer Stripes up at cvs. Now, they have some on the regular display but these were I guess Limited Edition( b/c they were not on the regular display). They are Terra Glimmer, Honey Glimmer, and Berry Glimmer. That Berry Glimmer is crazy beautiful! Find it, get it, hoard it. It gives this pretty pink sexy glow, sweeties..oh! I also picked up two LE WnW trios in Twilight Glow and Midnight Magic. I think I'm taking Midnight Magic looks like something I already have from WnW.

This is a new bag purchase that I had to just gush about. Megan and I are always saying the bag selection at the Spbg TJ Maxx is wack. Normally it is. But I ran up on this beauty and wasn't going to leave it there. It's actually a bigger than it looks in the pic. Definitely a summertime brightener.


yummy411 on 3:47 PM said...

good buys! i posted on my blog that i picked up just about every milani shimmer stripe since i was anxiously awaiting it so! yes i love both the berry and terra cotta stripes! nice bag..

rebelleBAP on 6:57 PM said...

Thanks!! I know that Berry look good on you:)