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Shop the cuntry blog...part I

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm going to do something real new...

I'm moving and I need upload...especially all of my handbags.
So I want give my wonderful readers a chance to shop da cuntry blog!!! I'll post little by little. It will be mostly handbags. So here we go...
This a salmon pink designer-inspired quilted bag. It's not real at all. The measurements are 5in. tall, 10 in. wide and the straps are 10 inches. I'm not a math genius so please ask questions! There are no ink marks in or outside and I only carried it 3-4 times. There two very minor scuff marks on the backside. The leather-esque fabric is so soft though!
This bag is $25, that includes shipping via USPS with delivery confirmation. If want insurance, let me know, its extra.
No bids...first email first get. PAYPAL ONLY, please. That's means have a PayPal account. No money orders, checks, or EBT cards.:)
Please email me at and don't leave any messages in the comments please!!!
Love yall!!!


yummy411 on 3:45 PM said...

you are sooo funny! lol... no ebt cards.. people show up at the gas station trying to get a soda.. talking about "yall take ebt?" LOL rural glamour doesn't LOL

rebelleBAP on 6:56 PM said...

Girl, you know Target take EBT? That's Glamourous:) lol

yummy411 on 10:50 AM said...

really?? i had no idea! wow... i think payless does too, lol