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Simple Girl and the Spring Fashion Wishlist 2007...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

So the "boy" that I'm sharing "some" time with is a fashion plate. Yep, he's that type that's got shoes for days, is always concerned about how he looks even when is going to the gym, collects cologne WITH the matching lotions, and owns Coach loafers. I don't even have Coach loafers( But I got Coach sneakers and sandals:)). We consistently talk about fashion but I think he's little intimidated by the Diva's flava and knowledge on all things beauty and fashion. I simply breathe it and he's intimidated!! How I know? He's says to me," My ex, she was not into fashion, if talked 'bout different labels and stuff she knew nothing about it...and that was a good thing." Don't worry las chicas, I didn't even take that comment to heart. Poor simple girl...she must didn't know...he just didn't want her to look better than he!! Now, his arse got some competition. So in honor of my fab arse-never-going-to-be-what-no-man-wants-me-be-always-being-me-divaness, I have compiled my Spring Fashion Wishlist. I'm so ready for the hunt of all things I want and scoring deals in the process. He's so not ready to go shopping with me!!!

Wide leg linen pants

White Old Navy tanks

Pastel Colored Old Navy tanks

Baby doll dresses

Flip flops

wedge sandals

Cargo shorts that fit perfectly( I have love/ hate with shorts)

Pastel colored slouchy handbags(right I searching like the Army for a yellow bag!)

Sexy earrings

long delicate necklaces

jersey lightweight tees for layering

empire-waist tops with cap-sleeves

circle skirts with vintage or delicate patterns

lucite jewelry

two pair of jeans( I guarantee this will take til' the end of the summer)

The list is filled with basics and my love for jewelry and handbags. In jewelry, I'm looking for pieces that look or are one of kind. I have scored fun pieces so far. I going for feminine,comfortable, vintage, and again, comfortable with out being frumpy. Tonight I'm doing a little semi spring cleaning, swapping out my fragrances, looking through some the summer stuff I bought last season. I'll have pics in the mornin':).



MCNALS said...

baby doll dresses are the cutest things ever. my boyfriend (and almost every guy i know says they lovee girls in pink) so @ nordstroms last weekend i bought the cutest jersey baby pink baby doll dress for 38 bucks!!! no joke!!! it was in that section with the cheaper stuff..they also had baby yellow, and a few other pastels......if babydoll dresses are what you are looking for, check it out :):):):):):) good luck and show that boy up!

Miss Kim ;~) on 4:01 PM said...

Oh you're dating a fashion boy, lol! I've never dated one. I know you can show him a thing or two on the style tip! Cool Spring list. My spring list is long and I keep adding to it.

Elle* on 5:05 PM said...

Get em' Miss J! lol...I'm with you on the baby doll dresses and perfectly fitting cargos...they can go from day to night in the summer...with wedges and a tank for day, heels and sexy top for night, for that sporty-sexy look! Good luck in Spring acquisitions!

rebelleBAP on 8:05 PM said...

megan- you stop it...I can't take it...I need me some Nordi's right now! I was in Westgate the other day about to throw up...:( I bet that dress is fab:) I got two cute baby doll dresses at Target.

Miss kim-A fashion boy is like a rare stone,like turquoise. You love it but you will soon get tired of it because you've worn the hell out of it. That all I seem to get is fashion boys. The ones who want you to meet them at their house and when you get there they are not dressed because they waiting see what YOU have on! I can't wait to see your list!

Elle- Thanks for the great recs on how mix and match pieces. I definitely don't know it all!

Butterfly BAP on 7:55 PM said...

Cute ideas!