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What a Day...

Friday, March 02, 2007

This post is going to sound like an episode of "What Not To Wear"...

So last night my mom and I had a conversation about my impending career upgrade. She told me that I needed new clothes, professional, business, business casual clothes. I know that. I love to shop but when it comes to clothes shopping I'm have anxiety attacks especially if its work/dress up/date/"church" clothes. My opinion is if I can't get my money's worth,its not worth buying. So I think that buying a pair of dress slacks that I might wear two or three times is a waste of money or a white button up blouse or a black pumps is a waste of money. Now tank tops, lounge pants,wrap tops, casual shoes,flip flops, things I'll wear 10+ times ...not a waste of money. I got that mommy syndrome I never wanted: My kids must look better than me syndrome. I rather buy them Polo than buy a pair of Nine West Shoes for me. I feel guilty as hell when I do spend and end up returning it. The only thing I don't normally return, you guessed it, makeup!

So Mother-dearest decided to gift me a little spending change with a little more later to get my stuff together. She told me that was slowly becoming a" well face-made-up bum". Today, I went looking for a outfit,business casual for an interview on Monday. First stop Old Nizzle( Old Navy). You can always count on Old Navy for the basic work gear, right? Wrong and Wrong. I walked in to sweet baby doll dress in cute prints, tanks, jeans,flip flops, cargo pants. I was so overwhelmed by casual stuff that I wanted, I grabbed a couple pair of black pants and went panting of shortness of breath in the dressing room. I found these pants, but they are too long but I got them anyway. I didn't find a top in Old Navy that wasn't too low cut and too casual. So I headed to Belk where I found a pair bad, black pair of pumps by Rampage( they were 29.99, I had a 17.86 gift card). I can see getting a little wear out of those!! Then I had to find a top. I was mentally exhausted by now, ready to eat lunch and go home. I trotted over to TJMaxx and in 15 minuted found a white umpire waist top with puffy cap sleeve by Jonathan Martin. I'll pair a black tank from James Perse that I already have underneath. Whew, all day I felt like Stacy and Clinton were somewhere watching me with a hidden camera! I'm happy with the outfit. I have perfect necklace to give it business casual with a little Jamie in there. Now hope my mother likes it. Did I just say that?