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Headaches and New Bronzer...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I awoke this morning @ 6:00 to my mother frying sausage and listening to the news and a bad headache. I didn't sleep well at all despite a great candlelight bath and couple scoops of Haagen- Daas Vanilla ice cream. I've mentioned that I was moving and can not wait! Right now they are painting the walls and landscaping the yard. It will be good to get back into the "home house" or "family house" as they would call it down South.
Anyway to release some pressure and stress before starting the day, I took a shower and used the discontinued-but-was-able-find-in-Union-of-course Avon Pink Suede Perfumed Skin Softener layered with mark.Hollywood Pink Flamingo Eau de Toilette. I love those Skin Softeners in the little jars. Avon's is in the middle of a overhaul and repackage. I hope that doesn't change. Reminds of my mother, who has tons of them in Imari and other scents including Pink Suede. Believe it or not, I'll miss her when we move out, even though I'm just moving 5 minutes away.
On the facial front I finally used my WnW Ultimate Expressions e/s palette in Paradise Cove. I tell you,WnW is on the ball these days! Those eye shadows are like powdered pigmented satin, picks up well on a brush and has sick staying power.
I dropped into Walgreens after work to see what's new. After not seeing much new, I pick up a couple of things including the boys' Easter Pics and:
CG Queen Collection e/s single in Black Tie
Creative Solar Oil- it was marked down to 5.00
Milani Nail Lacquer in Glizty Pink
WnW Bronzzer in Acapulco Glow- The latest rage on the MUA.
WnW Mega Plump Lip Gloss in Cairo-Mel- courtesy of reading Miss Kim's blog this morning and making a mental note to pick it up!


Miss Kim on 2:24 PM said...

The colors in Paradise Cove are so pretty. I almost bought it but decided not to. But now I may go back and get it based on your review. Let me know how you like Cairo-Mel Mega Plump L/G.