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Weekend Rantings and Ravings...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I actually had a good weekend. For once I didn't planned my life down to the minute and just did things like pack all my purses and all the things I collected for my new place and hauled it over in the Corolla to the new place. It felt so good I tell you. Just bumping around cleaning things like you want them, putting things where you want them, changing light bulbs...:) "Fashion Boy" AKA "Pretty Boyeee"( he got a NEW name) came over to the new house and chilled and helped me out and went through my handbags. Yes, he looked at all three of the trash bags and extra large clear box of my bags. He looked at me in admiration as if we finally connected fashion psyches.I saw love in his eyes! Ha! I didn't worry insanely about my kids...I just put the new hangers in their closet and hung a Curious George monkey clock on their wall.

In celebration of a prayer answered on "better weekends"...I present Weekend Observations including some from "Pretty Boyeee"...

Why do I keep seeing chicks in Spartanburg carrying Tokidoki by LeSportsac handbags? Where are these broads getting them?

I have found a new favorite grocey store...Publix...they have the hottest magazine rack on the planet! I got a new Essence,Vogue, W,Elle,Jet all in one day!

Kiki Lee Simmons got a new reality show...I can't wait..She's my favorite H.B.I.C.!

Why does L'Oreal do the Sublime Bronze color story EVERY year with same Colour Juices and Bronzing Products...kill it L'Oreal!

Got my Sephora Mother's Day catalog Saturday...Best selection of gift sets yet! Will list a wish list!

Ok...of all holidays I hate...I don't hate Mother's Day...I actually can tolerate it.

I want a canary yellow handbag( under $25) so bad, it's killing me that I have not found one I liked.

Being "G'd" up to go Applebee's is a necessary thang...( courtesy of Pretty Boyee)

Remember Ladies: VS Strawberries and Champagne Lotion and Chloe Narcisse Eau de Toilette is a scented mancatching combo. Trust. Another deadly combo...Calgon Hawaiian Ginger Lotion and Jessica McClintock Eau de Toilette.

I 'm totally addicted to this chick's Flickr...she's so fly...

I didn't buy I stitch of makeup this weekend.

I'm so excited about the All About The Pretty Book Club!

Who's excited about the Libertine for Target collection?Spbg Target needs SOME kind of spark.

I wish I could wear sneakers like nitrolicious:( Her sneaker game is sick.

Anybody heard this Lipgloss song by Lil'Mama? Foolishness I tell you!

I wish I could go to the Pantene Total You Tour 2007 stop in Charlotte. I just love Kimberly Aiken Cockerham( 1994 Miss America and 1994 Miss South Carolina( only Black girl to ever win Miss SC pageant).

Lowe's is very addicting...Pretty Boyee and I looked at irons and washing machines and dryers for like an hour.


yummy411 on 2:37 AM said...

hmm Jamie! lol where do i start??

Mother's day- how do i compromise with my mom? i feel like i want to enjoy it as a day for me, but i'm also planning another day to find a way to please my mother?/ grr

getting g'd up to go to applebees..gosh in the dc area, you know how chicks are, gotta be g'd up to do mostly everything. after having babyYum, i only get g'd up for special occassions now. i went to applebees on the hum... nowadays, it's almost like pizza hut, just a joint to get food.. and i couldn't believe couples were g'd up! i was pissed, cuz i looked like crap lol.. but i dare not waste an outfit lol

i agree with you on the VS strawberries and champagne.. that was my stuff when all the other girls were on pear glace!!

ok. the song lipgloss is foolishness, but the video is the hotness... i love seeing kids do anything remotely hyphe or crunk =)

congrats on your house dear! it's okay to go without buying makeup (i try to tell myself that too) LOOLLOLL bye james!

rebelleBAP on 6:21 PM said...


I never know what to get Mother Dearest for Mother's Day. The woman has everything!!! I just do gift cards at places I know she won't spend her money at like Department Stores or Lane Bryant so She'll buy something of quality.

He's so crazy about being on point when going out it's insane! Being G'd up it so not a priority to me like it used to be before the boys.

THanks! I love love love my new place. I'm nervous as hell about it at the same time! One of my best friends calls me "James"! lol!