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Ring the Alarm! Rural Glamour Fashion Po-Po

Friday, April 20, 2007

So you know I'm about to get in Bey's A$$ about this. Okay, she look as if she wants bring her little look down. That's cool. But this outfit is crazy. First she got on a hoodie( look like a Juicy hoodie I sleep in ) a some ol' slouchy tee( that's ain't even fitted a bit but probably cost $100 or more) some jeans and some Christian Louboutins.
She just should have put on some Nike Ones and called it a day. Save those shoes for something else.
And that floppy hat. I love a floppy hat but but Bummy Chic aint you, boo.
It's actually my broke A$$.:)
Cousin J.


Liz on 3:41 PM said...

I said the same thing when I saw this outsh!t, I mean outfit. It could have been casual chic but, that camel colored hat was not it. She would have been better if she just put a lace front on instead.

rebelleBAP on 9:18 PM said...

you got a point!!!