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Review:The Ivory Magnolia...

Friday, April 20, 2007

I've developed a serious infatuation with Etsy. I mean handmade earrings and soaps for under $5? Paypal it!! But you know, I'm "granola" like that. I recently discovered The Ivory Magnolia, ironically located out of "Metro Ci-tay", Columbia SC. So they already had the upper hand for me.:) I got the Satin Body Cream, a satiny mixed body cream that leaves no oily residue with has great feel on your skin. I got it in Cotton Candy,Lemon and the namesake fragrance,Ivory Magnolia. I layered my Aquolina Pink Sugar with Cotton Candy and used the Lemon after a did a body scrub with Asquith and Somerset Apricot and Honey Body Scrub. I'm ordering next in Exotic Jasmine Vanilla and Blue Coconut Cream and Unscented. Check them out at or www.ivorymagnolia/