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Weekend Rantings and Ravings...

Monday, April 30, 2007

Hey cousins!!!

This weekend was moving out weekend. Everything is out of my storage building and everything out of Momma's EXCEPT the Bams' stuff courtesy of my mother's manipulating me into letting them stay at her house while I get Our house together. Umm....their stuff is leaving this weekend, no exceptions. Still having major panic problems that turn into anger problems about moving. I've been wanting to take yoga at Yoga-licious Downtown Spartanburg but funds are low and low. I think I'll buy some sessions for mother's day. I was told the other day, I had a serious anger problem that "might" wreck havoc in a relationship one day. You can guess who told me that.

So...I've been unpacking things that having literally been packed up since 2004. Some good, Some okay, Some bad!!! I've having a Yard Sale Saturday. I donate all the time but making little change off of some of my goodies might help. I'll post some on Ebay.

Well, a list of Weekend Rants and Raves...Moving out Style... Enjoy!!!

*Favorite Lotion right now-Karen's Body Beautiful in White Tea!!! Tia raves about it and ran and ordered it. Loves it!!

*Congrats Miss got a slammin bag on the way *wink-wink*

*NYX is coming out with a new line called Black Label...check it out...

*So Goldie's(Monique's Charm School) country-ass made a mockery of the Carolinas...who says there's no couture in North Carolina...I can't believe she said that...Obviously she's never met the bad bitches I know in Charlotte and Raleigh.

*I'm knee deep into The Women Who Raised Me by Victoria Rowell. She's so blessed beyond measure.

*New Addiction-Bruster's Birthday Cake Ice Cream and Pet Birthday Cake Ice Cream . All from a person who hates...her birthday.

*I found my mark.Instant Vacation Bronzing Gel while unpacking. I just fell love with another bronzer!

*Okay...I forgot to mention that I finally got to Company Cosmetics Store Outlet in Gaffney last week...I got MAC Sweetie Cakes quad( remember that?) and MAC Seductions:6 Lip /Warm. I didn't mention it because the purchase left me broke...I was seriously ashamed but still love it all:). Going back soon!!!

*Why can I still wear all of the summer clothes from last summer? Is that a good thing?

*I'm needing a weekend away soon. To see my chicas...holla!

*Little story...while in Gaffney I stop in the Polo Outlet and was on the phone Fashion Boy and happen to mention a very sharp pair of seersucker pants I seen in front of me. Talk about a fashion addict. He literally needs a detail description of them, then the next day drives to go and buy them.

*Been working on my lookbook lately...

* Completely stressed...I need a serious boo-hoo session soon. Clear out some of the craziness!!



yummy411 on 10:16 PM said...

aww j! take it easy girl and those yoga sessions for mother's day will be well deserved.. you were going to buy a few sessions for yourself right?

at least fashion boy didn't ask you for a pic of them... my bff takes a pic and sends it to me to ask my opinion, lol

me? i'm hoping i can still wear my summer clothes from last year!!!