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Haulage and stuff...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Today I finally got a rest from unpacking and other ridiculous things and got back beauty. I went to CVS to pack up some the goodies of the Ellin Lavar Textures line.I got:

Ellin Lavar textures Reconstruct Masque

Ellin Lavar Instant Shine Enhancing and Frizz-Fighting Mist

Ellin Lavar Liquid Glass Anti-Frizz Smoothing Styling Gel

I also picked up some Golden Oreos and InStyle Weddings Magazine. Yeah I read wedding magazines but ONLY InStyle Weddings and Martha Stewart Weddings. I'm going stop not believing that I won't ever get married. I have embedded this in my brain since I was little girl. So the magazine are like therapy! I read them, look at the dresses and rings and such I start to believe.

Speaking of believing, the Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack of Week in Carmen Rodgers Free. Miss Kim put me on it and I'm completely sick over it! Especially the Just Believe track. It's actually been the Unpacking Soundtrack of the Week! Check it out and buy five copies.:)

Because my makeup is still really scattered beyond the boxes and I have to come up with a reorganization plan for all of it, I've been on the same lipgloss for the last two days. Milani Glossy Tubes in Dreamy Glow is the perfect soft pink for my lips. It reminds me of the Stila Watermelon l/g that I once owned and loved and will probably never buy again because it's $20. I didn't think it had enough product in it for twenty bones. I think I'll check out the other colors tomorrow.

Clutch Magazine has a new May edition on line now including a interview with our fairy glammomma Tia Williams. She's got a myspace page for her book It Chicks and I'm one the top friends!( for now probably...) I feel so special!

Okay...I'm done!!! See ya later!



yummy411 on 12:30 AM said...

awww jamie really?? wow! that's great you are on her top friends.. woo hoo!